Learn the Ancient Art of Tapestry Weaving

With Weaving a New Story’s Online Tapestry Weaving Course for Beginners

Tapestry Weaving Course for Beginners

This Tapestry Weaving Course is video based (pre-recorded) and provides information, explanation and techniques that help to form a practical understanding of Tapestry Weaving. This course uniquely offers unlimited access to ensure you have all the time you need to learn.

Course Highlights

Learn what Tapestry Weaving is and how to do it yourself

Learn about the tools used in Tapestry Weaving

Learn about Tapestry Frame Looms and how to use them

Learn what "warping" is and different ways to do it

Learn which yarns are best suited to Tapestry Weaving

How to blend yarn colours to bring dimension to your designs.

Learn wider design techniques to bring your ideas to life

Gain an understanding of the structure of Tapestry and why it's important

Learn how to finish your tapestries and start to consider how to display them

Welcome to the Course!

Video 1: How to use the course so you can make the most of it! 

Introduction to Tapestry Weaving

Video 2: What is Tapestry Weaving?

Tapestry Tools

Video 3: Tapestry Tools


Video 4: Warp yarn 

Video 5: Weft yarn


Video 6: How to warp a loom approach one- freestyle 

Video 7: How to warp a loom approach two- measuring warp sett

Video 8: The importance of preparing the warp before you weave

Video 9: Putting in the Heading Cord

Video 10: Twining 

Video 11: Double Half Hitch knots 

Video 12: Making a Hem 

Time to Weave!

Video 13: Plain Weave Part One

Video 14. Plain Weave Part Two

Video 15: Sampling

Strong Tapestries

Video 16: Strong Tapestries

Introduction to Wider Techniques

Video 17: Wider techniques: Expanding your design options 

Video 18: Colour blending

Video 19: Hatching

Video 20: Rya knots

Finishing Your Tapestry 

Video 21: Finishing your Tapestry


Video 22: Congratulations on working through the course! 

Bonus: Ideas for Displaying Finished Tapestries

Video 23: Display idea 1

Video 24: Display Idea 2

Customer Feedback

As a total beginner weaver, this course has set me on the right path for successful weaving projects. The videos give very clear explanations and it has been so useful to be able to continually watch them to gain clarity as I am weaving. Lauren presents the techniques in a clear simple manner. I had some questions for Lauren that she has very helpfully answered. I would definitely recommend this course! 

Marika Szabo- Course Customer

Why Learn Here

As a Tapestry Weaver I have stood in your shoes as a beginner and understand just how tricky finding the information you need for each aspect of Tapestry Weaving can be. Whether that be sourcing the right tools and materials here in the UK or finding complete and reliable instruction. 

In this course for beginners, I am offering everything I would have been thrilled to have had in one place so that more people can gain the joy and benefits of Tapestry Weaving for themselves. Everything you need to know as a beginner can be found in one place- this course! 

My hopes are that this will break down Tapestry Weaving into achievable steps. Taking away the guesswork so you can focus on what you want to do and on enjoying yourself!

Examples of my work

Ideal for Beginners

Ideal for absolute beginners or those with an incomplete understanding of the basics.
Video tutorials can be replayed as the course comes fully pre-recorded.
Everything you need to know is in one place.

Clear & Informative

Clear visual detail and explanation in videos.
Tapestry terms explained.
PDF quick reference guides form a comprehensive 40+ page guide complete with cover.

UK Know How

List of UK stockists for course materials.
No need to waste time searching yourself.
• Exclusive Facebook course community, for members only, creates a space for learners to share with one another.

Unlimited Access

The course has no end date so you can learn at your own pace- say goodbye to time pressure
• Learning that fits into your schedule. Pause and come back to it when it suits you- say goodbye to stress.
Repeat the course as many times as you like in order to master the tapestry techniques- say hello to progress.

Bronze Award Craft Courses

This course is the proud recipient of the Craft Courses.com Bronze Students’ Choice Award. 

Tapestry Weaving Benefits

Tapestry Weaving is an art form that has many benefits. It allows you to slow down and rest, express yourself creatively as well as ponder and process your thoughts. It is  something you can work on at your own pace and scale. Grab your loom for 20 mins or spend the whole afternoon- it’s up to you!

Express Yourself Creatively

Learn to paint with yarn and let your imagination lead the way!

Take Time for Yourself

Life is busy- Slow down and unwind by learning Tapestry Weaving

Weave for Your Wellbeing

Give yourself time to reflect and process as you engage in this tactile art

Meet Your Course Instructor
Tapestry Weaver
Lauren Carrera
Lauren studied for her Foundation Diploma in Tapestry Weaving at West Dean College of Art and Conservation, one of the UK's top Tapestry Studios. She first trained in Tapestry Weaving under Textile Artist Karla Belinda Amezcua in her Mexico City based studio.

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