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Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions

By using this site and/ or Weaving a New Story’s course content housed on Weaving a New Story’s course hub you are agreeing to the Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions below. 

This website and all of Weaving a New Story’s online course content found on Weaving a New Story’s Thinkific course hub is owned and operated by Lauren Carrera owner of Weaving a New Story.

Weaving a New Story is a website and online course provider dedicated to tapestry weaving, particularly for those based in the UK and Ireland. I am a Tapestry Weaver that is sharing what I know to date on the art-craft of tapestry weaving- in the form of free information on my blog and in paid learning through the authoring and selling of online courses, hosted at present on my course hub at

All information on this site is my (Lauren Carrera’s) personal opinion. When that is not the case, it will be clearly stated as such. The information found across all Weaving a New Story outlets, the website, Thinkific course hub and courses, social media content and guest posts authored by me on other websites, are my opinion regarding tapestry weaving and fiber art-crafts from my point of view. I cannot be held responsible for projects that don’t work out for you, for a failure to reach your desired skill level in Tapestry Weaving or any injury or damage caused to yourself, others and/ or property whilst you carry out such projects and/ or follow along with my course(s) content.

Information that I collect

1. Email List

I hold your email address as well as your name on my computer if you provide it when registering your interest in any of the presales for my online course(s), when you sign up to my email newsletter and when you sign up for any of my online courses hosted on Thinkific. Those are the only circumstances that I add people to my email list. This data is used by me to email you about my free and for-purchase content related to tapestry weaving which you agree to by submitting your data (name and email address) into any of the aforementioned sign up areas of the website or Weaving a New Story’s Thinkific course hub.

You can opt out of this list at any time by replying to any of the emails received from Weaving a New Story and simply writing  “unsubscribe” in the body of the email and clicking send. My email is for reference.

2. Correspondence

Any email sent to me about any aspect of Weaving a New Story’s blog, content, courses or anything else regarding Weaving a New Story, will be stored within my webmail email inbox on the server that hosts my website and on my computer. The reason for this is it ensures I am able to refer back to previous email exchanges should there ever be a need to. Should you prefer for me to delete any or all of the old emails you have sent me, contact me directly on to do so. 

Website Visitors

This website is hosted by WordPress on SiteGround. WordPress and SiteGround collect certain personal data such as your IP address, web pages you visited prior to visiting this website and information about your browser, network and device. This is essential for helping this website run smoothly and in protecting and improving their own services. Please note the personal data collected is de-personalised prior to any analysis made by WordPress or SiteGround.

Data Protection

The platforms I use to host my website and course(s) are Thinkific, WordPress and SiteGround. These large companies do track IP addresses but as large well established companies, they take data protection very seriously. Especially with the additional measures in place through GDPR legislation which requires they ensure that IP addresses they collect data on are not traceable (known as truncated IP addresses). Please note that I do not have access to the data the platforms I use collect.

Third Party Tracking

I currently use Google Analytics to monitor the general usage of my website. I will update this policy should this change in the future. By visiting my website , you consent to the use of Google Analytics, including data from how you interacted with my website whilst visiting in their analysis. Please note that I do not have access to data on any individual or their personal data. All data used by Google is de-personalised and used to show general statistical trends and patterns of interaction with my site. Google Analytics is a commonly used and well established free tool, that anyone with a website or other online platforms can use. You can learn more about how Google gathers, processes and uses information they gather through their Google Analytics tool here:  


Whilst not as tasty as the edible kind, this website (as well as almost all websites as it is part of the functionality of the internet) uses cookies to improve your experience while you navigate the website. Out of these, the cookies that are categorised as necessary are stored on your browser as they are essential for the basic functionalities of the website to run smoothly for you. This website also uses third-party cookies that can be used to analyse and understand how you use this website. These cookies will be stored in your browser only with your consent. You also have the option to opt-out of these cookies. Opting out of some of these cookies may affect your browsing experience.

I have added a banner to the site that notifies you of the website’s use of cookies upon arrival to my website, By continuing to use my website ( you are consenting to this use of cookies.

Use of My Content

Please feel free to share my blog posts with anyone you feel would enjoy or benefit from them. You do not need my permission to do so as long as it is clear that this is my intellectual property in the form of a clear reference and a backlink.

However, all photos, videos, course and intellectual content belong to me, Lauren Carrera, Owner of Weaving a New Story and may not be used for print, online or any other form of publication without my consent. Sharing one of my blog posts or social media posts is fine but copying or plagiarising my content and passing it off as your own or as somebody else’s is not and is illegal. 


My online course is hosted on a platform designed for hosting online courses called Thinkific. I chose this platform in order to ensure the optimal user experience for my online course(s). You can find Thinkific’s privacy policies here.

Data gathered by them upon registration is restricted to your name and email address which you set up yourself when you make an account. Should you like for your data to be deleted you can do this at any time by contacting Thinkific directly. Please note, however, that the removal of this data will mean your account will be removed from Thinkific and as such you will no longer be able to access any Weaving a New Story course(s) you have on your account because in order to remove your name and email address from their database Thinkific will have to delete your account as it includes your name and email address.

As such actions taken are between you and Thinkific there is nothing I can do personally to retrieve an account from Thinkific once deleted. The responsibility of the account falls solely on the owner of the account. I will not reimburse you for any loss acquired this way nor replace the course(s) lost as a result of such actions. This is to prevent my business being used fraudulently or for any other illegal purposes.

Refund Policy

Prior to the purchasing of my online course, please be sure to read the full terms and conditions. Please be aware that all purchases of online courses are final and will not be refunded. I only put forth quality course content for purchase and work hard to keep my prices competitive in order to offer great value for money. My no refund policy is also in place to prevent my business being used fraudulently, for money laundering or for any other illegal purposes small online businesses can be targeted for.

Please do get in touch prior to purchase if you have any doubts or questions you would like to ask about the course in order to make sure it is the right course for you. If you experience any technical difficulties after purchase please do contact me (Lauren Carrera) at so I can contact on your behalf and have them look into the issue.

Unlimited Access

Whilst it would be easier for me to set a fixed time for customer access to my online course(s), I have decided to make access to my course(s) unlimited. I have done this in order to provide the best value possible to me at the time of writing to my customers so that they can learn at their own pace and in a way unpressured by a course end date. I would, however, like to define what is meant by unlimited access here. Unlimited access, regarding my course(s), is defined as the following:

Whilst Weaving a New Story runs as a viable business, customers will have ongoing access to the course(s) they have purchased from Weaving a New Story. Should Weaving a New Story fail as a business and become unviable to continue, the course content may no longer be accessible in it’s current set up. Should this be the case effort will be made, to offer an alternate means of access to the videos and downloadable PDFs to existing customers who have actively used the course up to 6 months prior to the business failing. Once the alternate access has been made Lauren Carrera, nor Weaving a New Story, will be responsible for the maintenance and upkeep of any and all the course(s) content. This responsibility will fall upon each customer in possession of the course content in the alternate access format. However, the information included in the course(s) content must not be shared by customers with anyone else as this infringes on my Copyright rights.

I, of course, hope this scenario never happens both for my customers sake and my own as a business owner but I have ensured this is included here so that what is meant by my use of “unlimited access” is transparent from the start and so no one feels deceived should the worst case scenario take place. By purchasing my course(s) you agree to this term of sale and to this application of unlimited access.