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Tapestry Weaving is a passion of mine that has brought me great enjoyment since the day I attended my first in person Tapestry Weaving workshop in Mexico City. It came as a breathe of fresh air during a season of life that really challenging and painful for me. It is something I want as many people as possible to be able to delve into without the need to worry about time restraints and unnecessary set backs.

After my first taste of Tapestry Weaving, I wanted to learn all that I could but soon discovered that it is a niche within a niche, that takes a lot of persistence, research and perseverance to learn more about, even with internet search tools. I have gleaned so many useful insights and tips from my own journey into Tapestry Weaving that I’m putting them into one convenient place to help beginners as they learn.

I’m making this course as a compendium of everything I wish I had known when I first set out so that you can experience less frustration and spend more time learning and developing in your Tapestry Weaving skills. A lot of the information currently available online whilst useful in some ways does not usually do more than skim the surface of the basics and leaves many beginners with lots of unanswered questions.

Materials and tools for this niche can be confusing and trying to find what is suitable can be dizzying when searching unaided. Trial and error can be time consuming and expensive and add another layer of frustration.

I want to help those of you in the UK and Ireland (and anyone else who feels they would benefit from this online course) who want to get a solid working understanding of the basics of tapestry weaving.

This online course is for those totally new to Tapestry Weaving, for anyone with an incomplete understanding of the basics who would appreciated a going over the basics again. It is also a suitable course for those who like to set their own pace of learning and who enjoy a non-pressured learning environment. 

For this course you will need a loom suitable for Tapestry Weaving (and either a stand or a pair of G- clamps to go with it), yarn appropriate for warping the loom, yarn appropriate for the weft, a small pair of scissors, a tapestry weaving needle and either a tapestry bobbin or tapestry beater. If you are reading this and thinking “I have no idea what any of those things are”, then don’t worry. This course goes through everything you need in terms of tools and materials, where to get them from, what they are used for and how to use them. The course even includes handy downloadable notes for quick reference of what each of the tools and materials are and where to get them from UK stockists. If you are in any doubt about what was mentioned then I would urge you to wait until you have access to the course so you can make any purchases needed better informed.

  • What Tapestry Weaving is
  • The structure of tapestry weaving
  • What tools and materials you need and where to buy them
  • What the warp and weft are and how to choose yarns for them
  • How to warp frame looms using the freestyle and measured sett techniques (epi and wpi)
  • How to prepare the warp before you start weaving
  • How to weave using the plain weave technique
  • Key principles to keep in mind whilst weaving
  • Wider techniques that will expand your design possibilities
  • How to Finish your tapestry and  remove it from the loom
  • Bonus ideas for how to start displaying your finished Tapestries

Rather than prescribing a specific tapestry design for you to copy, I will be encouraging and reminding you throughout the course to put the techniques taught into action in the form of making samples. This will help you to practise warping and preparing the loom and give you ample opportunity to practise both plain weave and the wider design techniques offered in the course. Sampling allows you to work on a smaller scale so you can focus on particular techniques or ideas before committing to the more time consuming larger tapestry pieces. Even studio Weavers use sampling to test colour blends, warp sett and techniques for a specific piece before they start so it is a useful skill to pick up early on in your Tapestry Weaving journey. You work through the course at your own pace which takes the pressure away of “having to keep up” and gives you time to focus on quality over quantity.

Like all things worth their while in life, learning how to weave Tapestry and to do it well takes time and lots of it! I have made this beginners course keeping in mind the demands of modern life.  Therefore, accessibility was something important to me and that led me to avoid restricting your access to the course for just a few weeks or months.  I hope this will reduce stress for those of you who take the course so that you can just sit down in front of your loom and get weaving when you are able to.

In person courses only last so long and with time the memory forgets things, especially if you only saw things demonstrated once. I understand this and so thought the best option would be to not limit access. This again ensures you have access to what you need, when you need it. You can watch each video as many times as you like. Once the course has officially launched you can access it whenever it suits you.

Please see the terms and conditions regarding unlimited access here enter image description here

The course is made up of chapters, kind of like a book. Under each chapter are individuals video classes to do with that chapter or unit of the course. For example the chapter called “Yarns and How to Choose Them” has several videos on the topic of yarns including a video class called “What to look for in a warp yarn”. I have ordered the chapters and video classes in what I think is a logical, chronological order so that as you start at the beginning and work your way through you will be accumulating and building your new skills and knowledge in the most practical way possible for your progression.

Still got questions? No problem at all. You can email me at lauren@weavinganewstory.co.uk with any questions you have about the course.

The course includes 20+ professionally shot, pre-recorded instructional videos, downloadable PDF quick reference guides that together form a comprehensive 40+ page guide complete with cover, a 7 page suppliers list, eight milestone quizzes to help consolidate what you have learnt into your longer term memory and access to an exclusive, members only Facebook course community.

Please note that this course DOES NOT provide or include any physical materials or tools. 

  • Be able to understand what Tapestry Weaving is
  • Understand how the structure of Tapestry Weaving works
  • Know which tools and materials you need and how to source them
  • What the warp and weft are and how to choose suitable yarns for them
  • How to warp basic frame looms using the freestyle and measured sett techniques (epi and wpi)
  • How to prepare the warp before you start weaving
  • Weave using the plain weave technique
  • Implement principles for strong tapestries
  • Use the wider design techniques of: Colour blending, hatching, and Rya knots to incorporate into your Tapestry designs 
  • How to finish your tapestries.
  • Gain some ideas for how to start displaying your finished Tapestries

I wanted to provide the online course in a way that was user friendly, seamless and secure. That’s why I chose to make the online home for the course Thinkific.com .

Thinkific is a website specifically designed for hosting online courses and has a strong reputation for positive user experience.

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In order to access this course and have a smooth experience you will need:

  • A laptop or computer- you can use other devices that connect to the internet such as tablets and mobile phones but keep in mind the course is video based so will require heavy internet usage so if you are on a data plan on your mobile phone or other device this is best avoided. The overall learning experience will be much improved if the course is viewed from a laptop or computer or device with a larger screen such as a tablet.
  • A strong internet connection either WIFI or a broadband cable. Again you cannot do this course without a reliable and sustainable internet connection as it is an online course.
  • Whichever device you decide to use for the course must have an up to date operating system.
  • For the optimal viewing experience, it is a good idea to ensure your internet browser is updated to the latest version to ensure the videos are displayed in all their glory. You can check how your browser and device handle videos by going to YouTube and viewing a few videos there for free. If they run smoothly and clearly without lagging then you should be good to go.

If you do not have all the things above and if you are not comfortable navigating computers and the internet then this is not the course for you. If you are then this will be a straightforward and easy to use course.

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I do not offer refunds on this course as I believe in what I offer in it so please ask as many questions as you would like prior to purchasing it. I’m always happy to hear from you.

Please be sure that you can meet the technical requirements before purchase too. This will ensure you are able to access the course and have a smooth experience. I can not be held responsible for issues with your laptop/computer/ tablet or mobile devices (or any other devices), your browser function and/ or your internet function and usage.

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